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بین الأضواء / IN BETWEEN LIGHTS

The art installation IN BETWEEN LIGHTS is a precise, focused intervention in public space, exchanging two street lanterns between the twin cities Cologne and Tunis – continents apart.

Two street lights between the twin cities of Cologne and Tunis – continents apart – are exchanged. The lanterns travel across the sea in opposite directions.
Exchanging two lanterns from two continents, each with unique cultural, historical and political background, connects the cities in a visible way, also bringing their original context to the new location. Themes of colonialism and migration are touched. The exchange of two street lights highlights aspects of the complex global connection of spaces, places and their interwoven past, present and future.

IN BETWEEN LIGHTS is realised in cooperation with COLLUMINA light art festival Cologne and INTERFERENCE light art festival Tunis via Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Urban Stage ff – Mischa Kuball.

16th of May 2018, 8:30 PM, Hahnentorburg, Rudolfplatz, Cologne, DE
6th of September 2018, 6:00 PM, Bab Bhar, Place de la Victoire, Tunis, TN

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